Modern Masters

at ArtRepublic Gallery, Brighton, UK

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When we say ‘The Old Masters’ we’re pretty sure you know who we’re talking about. They’re the skilled painters, working between the Renaissance and the 1800s, who created some of the most incredible, realistic portraiture and juicy-looking still-lifes that had – and still have – ever existed. They’re also the figures that some of our own artrepublic artists are name-checking right now.

Strange? Not really. Because this group of contemporary artists, which includes Iva Troj, Chris Kettle, Jake Wood-Evans, Sarah Shaw, Dave White and Dylan Floyd – are showing their work as part of our forthcoming artrepublic Modern Masters exhibition, so called because of the threads of reference that link their work to the Old Masters’ imagery, styles or themes.

Want to explore the work of today’s artists whose work offers a nod to the work of the historical greats but moves it forward into the present day? Then head over to artrepublic to check out our very own Modern Masters.

The Modern Masters exhibition runs 12-24th July 2018 at artrepublic Brighton.
13 Bond Street, Brighton, BN1 1RD