FLOCK Literally Magazine Interview 2020
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“If the ideology you seek to disrupt is hiding in the gutter then you need to get on your knees and dig.”

“I can’t filter anything any longer. Anger, sadness, pride, rage, love, it all comes out in the paintings. There is nothing left between emotion and canvas. I feel overwhelmed at times but it’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s the price of admission, I guess. You have to feel it through and through to do it properly.

I started working on a graphic novel recently. It’s full of hyperrealistic pencil art and it addresses childhood sexual abuse. Both I and the writer I collaborate with are survivors. It’s the first time we’ve discussed this with anyone and it will soon be out for everyone to see. When I started working with these images, I felt physically ill for weeks. As said, it’s the price of admission.”