30 Sept – 2 October Exhibition and artist talks on artistic activism organised by Artvocate

Artvocate specialises in connecting art and activism, curating artworks that represent specific social movements with the aim of promoting a fair and equitable future.

Through artworks and artists and the stories behind them Artvocate brings to life the values, struggles and aspirations of a range of urgent social movements.

Artists who work with us are altruistic and passionate about these social movements. Their work highlights social injustice and advocates change.

They aim to become the go-to art platform for all artworks that highlight social injustice and promote and support a fair and equitable world: one where people are treated fairly, where individual, collective, and future well-being are society’s priority.

The relationship between art and activism is complex and centuries old. Art can represent social progress, art can act as a witness to a moment in time and art can be an important call for change. By supporting and buying art that supports activism, not only do you show your faith and support, but you become part of a significant historical movement.

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